About Us

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Hi! I’m Chris. I started swimming when I was a little tyke. I love to swim. I love being in and around the water – pools, lakes, oceans, and even the occasional bathtub.

Here’s the thing, though, a couple of years ago, I started to develop a sensitivity to pool chemicals. After finishing my morning swims, little, itchy red bumps would appear all over my body. The smell of chlorine in my hair started to bother me. My tight, dry skin begged for moisture. So, what did I do? I tried all the soaps, body washes, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions designed to help swimmers combat chlorine. One of the products I stumbled across during my search for relief was Newton Bay’s Swimmers Soap. I was intrigued! There were (and are) plenty of chlorine removal body washes, but not natural bar soaps. I ordered some and was pleasantly surprised that it worked! My skin was softer, the red bumps disappeared, and the chlorine smell was gone. Mission accomplished!

Newton Bay

I was so happy with my Swimmers Soap that I reached out to Newton Bay to see if I could help spread the word about their great product. When I connected with the company, they told me that Newton Bay was for sale, and I was intrigued again! After some short negotiation, I became the new owner of Newton Bay and immediately charted a new course for the brand. Our mission to become the leading provider of clean and effective chlorine removal products began then and continues today.

As a part of this mission, Newton Bay commits to:

  • Continually update our formulas to include the cleanest and most effective ingredients.
  • Never test our products on animals.
  • Manufacture all of our products in the USA.
  • Donate a portion of our earnings to environmental causes.

If you or yours suffer from pool chemical sensitivity and are looking for a solution, I hope you will give all of our products a try. If you do, please remember that everyone’s sensitivities are different. While Newton Bay’s Swimmers Soap, Swimmers Shampoo, and Swimmers Conditioner work great for me and many others, they may not be your thing. If you try our products and think of ways they can be improved, please use the “Contact Us” form and give us your thoughts. If you’re a fan of Newton Bay, you can use the same form to give us a virtual hug or high five. We love hearing from you!

Oh, and don’t forget to enter our monthly giveaway! We send out a Newton Bay care package to a lucky customer every month. Just scan the QR code on our product, and you’ll be directed to the giveaway page, where you can submit your info.

Thank you so much for checking us out. We hope you have a Newton Bay Day!